29 June 2018

Hardware maintenance the way it should be



In the last year, vendor maintenance prices shot through the roof, with some vendors raising their maintenance prices in excess of 30%.


Even then, many vendors will not guarantee they have the parts in the country, let alone in stock. And if they do have what you’re looking for, the majority of vendors will only offer next business day support.


But, what happens if your server fails on a Friday? Your business is down all weekend.


This is all well and good if you’re in no rush to receive the service.


But, in this day and age, even mere minutes of downtime can have detrimental, devastating effects on your business.


Days of downtime while you wait for your vendor to provide maintenance support is just unacceptable.


Unfortunately, it’s all too common among vendors today.


That is, until now.


Forget weekends of waiting, Interactive offers a 2 to 4-hour response time, ensuring your mission-critical services are supported around the clock.


Interactive offers a 100% part availability guarantee to ensure minimum downtime.


Your call will be answered in 8 seconds, or less, and an engineer will respond to your specific query within 10 minutes of your call.


That means – better SLAs and better engineers – and at an even better price than the other major vendors out there.


But don’t just take our word for it.


Cabrini Health, a not-for-profit healthcare business, depends on Interactive’s quick turnaround when their equipment fails.


“For a not-for-profit healthcare business, every cent counts and a 20% saving on our outgoing IT costs is very substantial. We are a community-focused business and savings can be funnelled back into the community to provide further services,” says Cabrini Health’s information services manager Eddie Harrison.


“One of the major benefits of moving our equipment over to Interactive was the faster turnaround when our equipment fails.”


Harrison adds, “Our dedicated engineer is often at a site within 30 minutes, and his familiarity with our IT team and systems means we don’t have to wait days for it to be fixed or deal with unresponsive helpdesks”


When other vendors raised their prices, Interactive kept the customer in mind and kept their prices low.


Interactive offers better SLAs, faster response times and more effective pricing.


Switch to a vendor that keeps pace with your business, rather than slows you down. Click here to learn more.