11 April 2018

AR Typography and Graphics App

Typographers and designers are always looking for more creative ways to form interesting branding and imagery.


Fortunately, this new app can help them do just that. Combining AR and typefaces, ‘Weird Type’ app allows users to manipulate a text and experiment it in novel ways.


Artists Zach Lieberman and Molmol Kuo developed ‘Weird Type’ app to allow users to experiment with typography in the air. The app also allows you to take photos with different fonts, where you can layer different images within the chosen type template.


Users can also physically walk through the type that they have created, paint it, change its shape or size, and even add an explosion effect.


The duo also worked in collaboration with Design Indaba, a group of Apple iOS developers, type foundry ABC Dinamo and designer Richard The to execute the app.


Lieberman and Kuo started experimenting with AR last year, and received good reviews from netizens whenever they posted their cool type creations on social media.


The playful app is intended for creatives, designers and those who want to experiment with typography in 3D environments. To use the app, users simply enter any text and the style of the type on the screen, add in any additional effects and press the record button to share it on Instagram.


By Izza Sofia