4 August 2022

The Digital Store New Zealand Salary Survey 2022

Our 2022 salary review is a guide on how the industry is performing - a gauge on the New Zealand market.  Figures are based on the candidates we meet, their current salaries and their skills vs salaries.  This combined with our client salary expectations gives an overall market expectation.


Changes and salary trends in the industry we have noted:


Candidates are expecting more flexible working arrangements and working from home days.


Due to the increase in demand, candidates have increased their rates across the board.


A very low supply of quality candidates means clients are having to move very fast when engaging new employees, or they run the risk of missing out.


Candidates are generally getting multiple offers; ensure you put your best offer in.


All digital marketing roles are getting much more technical and more specialised, eg eCommerce, email marketing/marketing automation, and data-driven roles.


There has been serious growth in the digital marketing space as it consolidates its value to businesses. This leaves a skills shortage across the board, but specifically in performance marketing, paid advertising, SEO and digital media roles.


Agency client service roles, at all levels, and all disciplines are a tough fill, including PR/Comms, advertising and digital.


Across the board, digitally-driven roles are obtaining higher salaries than traditional roles, eg, producers, marketing, media.


Continual growth within the NZ Crypto / NFT / Blockchain sector.


Hybrid design/marketing skills are in high demand.