4 August 2022

The Creative Store New Zealand Salary Survey 2022

Our 2022 salary review is a guide on how the industry is performing - a gauge on the New Zealand market.  Figures are based on the candidates we meet, their current salaries and their skills vs salaries.  This combined with our client salary expectations gives an overall market expectation.


Changes and salary trends in the industry we have noted:


Candidates are expecting more flexible working arrangements and working from home days.


Due to the increase in demand, candidates have increased their rates across the board.


A very low supply of quality candidates means clients are having to move very fast when engaging new employees, or they run the risk of missing out.


Candidates are generally getting multiple offers; ensure you put your best offer in. Clients can sweeten the package by offering things like flexibility with WFH and other perks. Clients are also having to sell themselves and their roles a little more. Gone are the days of simply posting a job ad with the requirements of the role.


All digital marketing roles are getting much more technical and more specialised, eg eCommerce, email marketing/marketing automation, and data-driven roles.


There has been serious growth in the digital marketing space as it consolidates its value to businesses. This leaves a skills shortage across the board, but specifically in performance marketing, paid advertising, SEO and digital media roles.


Agency client service roles, at all levels, and all disciplines are a tough fill, including PR/Comms, advertising and digital.


Across the board, digitally-driven roles are obtaining higher salaries than traditional roles, eg, producers, marketing, media.


Continual growth within the Crypto / NFT / Blockchain sector.


Hybrid design/marketing skills are in high demand.


UI and UX demand has increased as the push to digital has become more amplified. This has pushed up the salaries for these roles.  We expect these salary expectations to settle somewhat when things settle down in the market and the borders are fully open for offshore talent.


There has been a trend for small to mid-sized agencies to ensure their Creative Directors are also on the tools. By taking an all-hands-on-deck approach quite a few clients are open to getting a more junior CD level candidate with less experience, but the right mindset.


Having an outstanding website / portfolio of work still rules in the creative space. It’s the first thing clients look at from applicants. It’s the number one thing to work on when trying to find a great new role. You are never too junior or too senior to have a website of work or easy to access web links.


We are seeing experienced juniors to early mid-level designers rates increase by $10-$20 per hour compared to last year.


At the same time, senior creative roles have been quite competitive, often seeing Art Directors / Creative Directors being more flexible on rate negotiation.  This may be due to the demand from clients, requiring them to be on the tools as they slim down team structure.


Video editing as a stand-alone skill almost entirely dropped out of the freelance market – now we have a much higher demand for motion graphics with editing skills.


We continue to have a shortage of high-level Presentation Designers – we have had a huge call for skilled designers in this space. (think Google Slide / Powerpoint).